We are the first PR agency in Poland that specializes in activities for and with the participation of the academic community. We operate in the space where science, business and society meet because our aim is for these sectors to interconnect. These channels of communication are essential for the development of innovation in Poland, Europe and around the world. We believe that by initiating dialogue between science, society and the economy we can effect change.


We support the scientific and technological development of the country by initiating projects and dialogue between the world of science, business and society. We were established because the reception of Polish science is often inadequate to reality. We have talented researchers and excellent research centers in the country, but they are often little-known. Meanwhile, the availability of information translates into both the number of implemented innovations and social development.




The Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) is one of the largest and best universities in Poland.
Its activities are based on two pillars: education and research.
Warsaw University of Technology offers several dozen Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs (including in English), the development of a scientific career as part of PhD studies, postgraduate studies and courses. WUT’s scientists obtain grants, implement projects, design inventions and prepare publications. Their work has a significant impact on WUT’s development and fosters Poland’s development.


People are WUT’s greatest pride – students, PhD students, employees, graduates – creative, full of passion, achieving success and ready to meet the challenges of the contemporary world.
The Warsaw University of Technology is constantly changing, striving to enhance its brand as a university, innovation and entrepreneurship centre and respected partner in research and business.



The National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) is a government agency that connects the world of science and business. It creates the right conditions for research and development (R&D). By co-financing R&D processes, it supports domestic entrepreneurs, significantly reducing their business risk accompanying the implementation of breakthrough research projects. 


The mission of NCBR is to implement tasks serving the social and economic development of Poland and to solve specific civilization problems of its inhabitants. NCBR implements a number of national and international programmes in areas such as green deal, artificial intelligence, medicine, biotechnology, as well as projects related to state security and defense.


PKN ORLEN is an integrated, multi-utility company, operating in Central Europe and Canada. Its advanced products are marketed to over 90 countries across 6 continents. It is the company that focuses on sustainable development and innovation. 


Its strategic goal is reaching emission neutrality by 2050. PKN ORLEN pursues strengthening its position of a regional leader in energy transition by implementing clean and sustainable technologies, as well as power generation based on low- and zero-emission sources. It actively looks for new ideas, inspirations and technological solutions to achieve this long-term goal. The company cooperates with the world of science and creates the tools for acquiring new technologies in the open innovation model, such as ORLEN Skylight accelerator, ORLEN VC and the Research and Development Centre, which is a response to the challenges related to the global energy transition.


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Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Patent Office of the Republic of Poland


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ENHANCE Alliance
National Information Processing Institute
TOP 500 Innovators
Fundacja Polonium
Komisja Fulbrighta
ML in PL
Polish Science Contact Agency PolSCA
Foundation of Coalition for Polish Innovation
Science PRO Foundation

The initiator of the creation of the network is the Falling Walls Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Berlin, dedicated to supporting science and the humanities. It is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Helmholtz Association, the Berlin Senate, as well as numerous recognized academic institutions, foundations, companies and NGOs.


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